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Commercial Demo - Deneen Melody
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Deneen as Myrna in Edge of Eternity:


Listen to Deneen as Lovely-Heart Monika from the mobile card game SHADOWVERSE!! She also provides the voice for Monika's original card, Monika, Cloudhall Admiral! (REPORTING FOR DUTY!)



  • Myrna - Edge of Eternity - Midgar Studios - (Video Game)

  • Additional Voices - MegaloBox - Bang Zoom - (Anime English Dub)

  • Rikka Kajiura - The Testament of Sister New Devil Burst - Funimation (Anime English Dub)

  • Monika, Cloudhall Admiral/Lovely-Heart Monika/Black Witch Anna/Nightmare/Lococo, Little Puppeteer - Shadowverse - Cygames (Video Game)

  • Penny - The Thrilling Adventures of Admiral Balderdash - Graham Baker (Audio Drama)

  • Cara the MerElf - Vera the Barbarian - ParaOrbis Studios (Video Game)

  • April's Mom (Voice) - Below Decks - Into the Night Motion Pictures (Short Film)

  • Various - Suspense Radio (Radio Drama)

  • Announcer (Voice) - Die Gruppe Sketch Comedy - Flying Sandbox Productions (Sketch)

  • Narrator (Voice) - Rose White - Breakwall Pictures (Short Film)

  • Host - No Elfin' Way! - Cazador Radio (Podcast)


  • David Sobolov - Character Intensive (Adventures in Voice Acting)

  • Crispin Freeman - Animation, Character  (Voice Acting Mastery)

  • Tony Oliver - Animation, ADR (Adventures in Voice Acting)

  • Julie Maddalena - Animation, Character (Adventures in Voice Acting)

  • Steve Staley - Animation (Kalmenson and Kalmenson)

  • Kathy Grable - Commercial (Kalmenson and Kalmenson) 

  • Lisa K. Wyatt -  Auditioning, Improv (The Garage Acting Workshop)

  • Jim Blanchette - Auditioning, Improv (The Garage Acting Workshop)

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Deneen Melody as Lovely-Heart Monika
  • "Deneen is one of those actors who is great at taking direction and giving you exactly what you're looking for. She's a professional and always a joy to be around!" - Paul Brooks, Director/Producer of Below Decks (short film) 

  • “Deneen has done a number of episodes of SUSPENSE with us, and I never fail to be impressed with the versatility and range of her voice, her innate feel for her characters, her easygoing manner, and her professionalism. In her most recent episode, she filled in for a sick voice actor and played a second role in addition to her own…and she was so good- and so different- in both parts that we never had to rerecord the other role.”   - John C. Alsedek, SUSPENSE RADIO DRAMA