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Dia dhuit!! My name is Deneen Melody, a free spirited Gryffindor voice actor located in Los Angeles. Aside from voice acting, I am also known to act & dance on the stage and screen. In fact, I spent my first few acting years screaming and running in several micro-budget horror films and was even a dancing Bunny on NBC's The Playboy Club! I may have even done a T-Mobile commercial in there somewhere...


As a child, I was known for my overactive imagination and performance flair, often obsessing over cartoons, fantasy films, and video games, all which sparked my constant interest in voice over work. (However, it will take many years to reach the point of understanding that voice over is something one can actually do!) So, when I was 14, I began training professionally in ballet, my first love. I even had the opportunity to dance all over the USA, as well as the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in Scotland. However, a foot injury happened, and after several years of struggling with that, I had to make the decision to no longer pursue dance on a professional level. That is when I decided to move to Chicago to see what the city could offer me as an artist!


During my first year there, I started modeling for several art and beauty photographers, and was quickly swept up into the world of independent film after being cast in a lead role during my first film audition. After many years of horror and low budget indies, I really wanted to pursue something more, specifically Anime dubbing and animation voice over, so I moved to Los Angeles to begin my voice actor journey!

I have currently trained with several well known voice actors & instructors in the Los Angeles area including Tony Oliver (Anime Dub) and Julie Maddalena (Animation Pre-Lay) with Adventures in Voice Acting, and Kathy Grable (Voice Over for Actors), Steve Staley (Animation), and Dino Andrade (Animation) with Kalmenson and Kalmenson.

My voice has been described by my instructors as ethereal, youthful, fresh, unique, mystical, sweet, and genuine. I can play a strong range of characters from the ingenue leading ladies, to quirky & bubbly young characters, to stoic & emotionally contained warriors. I have also been pegged as a Snow White voice match! (So if you need a Snow White....)

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