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"Deneen Melody leads the cast as the sister Clair in this sick and twisted daughter/sister role where she leads her sibling down a very unhealthy path. Deneen is amazing, expressive, enlightening and has some of the most bizarre dialogue that she spews out with a tone of insanity that will just continually creep you out. Her passion and physical nature just enhanced the performance that much more and made the entire audience ‘creep out’ as one whole entity! Bravo Deneen, I couldn’t keep my eyes off you!" - The Geek Authority, "Dummies" at Zombie Joe's Underground Theatre, North Hollywood.


"In this excellent ensemble cast, though, there are two performances that especially stand out. One is Lewandowski, who’s clearly having a great time as the almost cartoonishly over-the-top villain. The other is Melody, whose insanity builds with every word the same way Jonny’s evil does. She has to carry most of her scenes practically by herself, as she’s mostly alongside Galvan, who doesn’t talk. But the two of them have a great chemistry together that’s tremendously fun to watch, and impossible to look away from." - Life in LA, "Dummies" at Zombie Joe's Underground Theatre, North Hollywood.


"Deneen Melody portrays Lilly with poignant fragility and a childlike innocence that is visibly shattered. It was a good choice to keep the younger sister mute as it provided the actress with the chance to restrict herself to glances and gestures that allow an immediate emotional access. Watching Lilly to try and keep her make-believe up against the threat of reality is touching and painful at the same time and it's due to the actress that the believability of the character never loses the necassary balance." - screen/read

"Seconds. That is how long it takes for Deneen Melody, a magnificently talented and up-and-coming actress, to absolutely you into the hypnotic and compelling story of Lo, a young woman on the verge of suicide in Jeremiah Kipp's simply outstanding short film, Crestfallen." - The Independent Critic


"Ms. Melody is the entire focus of the dialogue free film, and her generally clothes-free performance is certainly a brave one. She does a fine job of showing emotions without speaking, and it was very easy to pick up on her dilemma through her expressions and eye work.  I'm a sucker for silent cinema, and Ms. Melody's work here didn't disappoint." - From Midnight With Love


"On screen, the support is solid, but we can't take our eyes off Deneen Melody, so strongly does she find her character." - Apocalypse Later Reviews


"Deneen Melody, who always seems to add just the perfect touch of humanity to every horror film she does, is an absolute delight as Elizabeth. There are certain actresses who simply have that cinematic spark and Melody is most definitely one of them." - The Independent Critic

"Heroine Elizabeth, brilliantly enacted by indie terror powerhouse Deneen Melody, is an amusing, take-no-guff protagonist." - Big Gay Horror Fan


"The film also wins points for casting. Deneen Melody does a great job with Liz, making her tough and interesting." - DVD Verdict

"There are some good performances to be found here, especially from Deneen Melody, who really lights things up as the film goes into battle between the angry dead parents and her friends." - Horror News


"Deneen Melody and Michelle Talley play their roles well too, both sexy dancers that unite the sensual and spiritual with fantastic results." - LifeinLA



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